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Get more ad placements for less with Viztrade

Receive more value from your advertising investment when you use the Viztrade platform.

Benefits to your business

Self-serve platform:

Set up and publish ads across trusted media brands with ease. The platform is simple to use so you can do it yourself, anytime, anywhere.

Direct Access:

With no intermediaries and direct access to our network of publishers, you get more media spend for your advertising budget.

Full visibility:

Complete transparency on price, position and performance. This allows you to optimise your advertising in each media environment.

Trusted media:

Trusted media in one marketplace. Advertise across sites you know and trust with ease through our fully automated self serve platform.

Fully automated real-time transactions accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Whether you're on the go or at the office, Viztrade helps you to take complete control of your digital advertising in one easy-to-use self-serve platfrom.  

Control your budget

 You have complete control over your digital advertising allowing you to pick and choose what will work for you. Find out what contributes to the overall cost of advertising with Viztrade.

Where you advertise

What type of ad you choose will affect the price you pay for advertising. In genreal, there are three categories of ads you can choose from:

PREMIUM – premium advertisements – these advertisements are visible immediately upon loading a webpage.

STANDARD – standard advertisements – these advertisements are visible after scrolling from the top of a page.

REMNANT – remnant advertisements – advertisements visible deeper down in the site after scrolling.

How much exposure will I get for my advertising budget?

How far your advertising budget extends, will depend on the rate set by the publisher of your choice. 

How does pricing work?

Prices are based on a cost per millennium (CPM). This means that a publisher charges you a set price per 1000 views of your advertisement.

Is there a fee to use Viztrade?

Viztrade charges a transaction fee of 12.5% of media spend.

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