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Our Mission:

To connect advertisers with publishers direct

Through direct distribution, Viztrade provides advertisers with more media spend and publishers with increased revenue.

The Viztrade Difference

Viztrade is the next generation of programmatic advertising. It connects buyers and sellers direct with no intermediaries. It is completely transparent, efficient and low cost. It is simple to use and requires no training or previous marketing experience.

 Viztrade reduces the need to have “marketing experts” tell you where and how you should advertise. Viztrade benchmarks all campaigns and provides full transparency on price, position and performance. This combined with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence enables even a novice to generate positive business outcomes.

The Viztrade Marketplace

Direct interaction between buyer and seller

✓ 12.5% fee to Viztrade

Full control of your advertising campaigns

Complete transparency on price, position and performance

Results and optimisation at your fingertips

Self serve platform you can use anytime, anywhere

Real-time transactions

The Viztrade Vision

Viztrade’s vision is to make programmatic advertising accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  To be the global marketplace for digital advertising inventory. The one stop shop where advertisers can connect with publishers direct, through an automated self-serve platform and reach and engage with quality audiences.

 Our long term goal is to create a permission based advertising delivery system which through a value exchange, only deliver consumers the advertising they want. At Viztrade, we respect a consumers privacy and we believe, consent is king (or queen).

The Viztrade Story – how it all began

After working in programmatic advertising, Viztrade founder Simon Larcey was frustrated by the inefficiencies, opaqueness and the excessive amount of intermediaries required to deliver digital advertising.

He decided that the whole programmatic ecosystem needed to be more like a stock exchange where the price of each advertising impression was published. There needed to be less intermediaries and complete visibility on all trading. Now joined by business partner Andrew Wilson, the pair aim to change the programmatic ecosystem forever.


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