19/07/2019 -Privacy piracy: the programmatic Wild West needs to stop!
The days of the programmatic free-for-all and unregulated digital data collection are coming to an end, as Simon Larcey warns that Australia will need to adopt a new, transparent approach which respects individual privacy.

18/06/2019 – The programmatic ad platform to give Silicon Valley a run for its money
Bitcoin scams, fake news and misleading content thrive on the difficult-to-police programmatic advertising platforms run by global tech giants, but Viztrade’s Simon Larcey has found a sweet spot through a new kind of programmatic advertising platform that benefits all parties.

30/05/2019 – Tech Start-Up Viztrade To Tackle Transparency And Dodgy Middlemen In Digital Advertising
Viztrade has opened its doors, offering a wholly transparent self–service digital advertising marketplace which removes intermediaries and provides a welcome alternative to the often fraudulent and opaque practices of the digital marketing industry.

15/02/2019 – Marketing hacks beware – the days of dodgy programmatic are almost done
For years, agencies have been dining out on the fact that programmatic platforms are complicated systems that only well trained engineers can master. Those days are numbered, warns Viztrade’s Simon Larcey.

23/10/2018 – Aussie Publishers have a choice – work together or die alone.
Simon Larcey looks outside of Australia for clear examples of what could be achieved if struggling publishers looked outside their organisations – and to their competitors – for help.