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Viztrade Direct

Helping publishers automate the booking and activation of digital campaigns.

About Viztrade Direct

Viztrade Direct provides publishers with their own real time trading account which enables them to trade their own media through a fully automated system. With Viztrade Direct publishers can book, activate, report and take payment from their advertising clients eliminating the need for direct insertion orders.

Easy to set up

Get Viztrade Direct set up in four easysteps

Step 1: Request a trading account

Contact us today to request a trading account. Call us on 1300 171 695 or email us at support@viztrade.com

Step 2: Invite your advertisers

Add or assign advertisers by logging in to your account and selecting the advertiser section in the main navigation. 

Step 3: Advertiser Approval

Once a request has been sent, you must wait for approval from your advertisers before you can start adding campaigns.

Step 4: Add Campaign

Once approved you can book, activate, report and take payment for advertising campaigns. 

Viztrade Direct – helping publishers automate their booking process

Take your first step to becoming a Viztrade Direct publisher by joining our Pilot Program.

Benefits to publishers

Fully automated:

Reduce time and drive more sales by eliminating the manual process of insertion orders.  

Seamless integration:

Use the Viztrade ad server or integrate with Google Ad Manager. 

Earn more:

With more time you can focus on generating revenue and less time of administration.

Complete Transparency:

Get total visibility on campaign and inventory performance through our reporting dashboard.

Take control of your advertising

Reduce time and increase revenue with Viztrade Direct.