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Viztrade Connect

Providing every digital publisher with their own self-serve solution.

About Viztrade Connect

Viztrade Connect automates direct demand. This provides greater yields and reduces set up times and operational costs.

By adding Viztrade Connect to your websites, advertisers can purchase advertising from the website with no friction and full visibility into the cost of media. Viztrade Connect provides a new demand source to complement direct sales and programmatic advertising.

Easy to set up

Get Viztrade Connect set up in four easysteps

Step 1: Create a Viztrade account

Sign up for free to create your own account

Step 2: Add your publications

Add your publications and link your ad units

Step 3: Create a landing page

Create a landing page for your publication

Step 4: Link Landing Page

Add a link to your landing page from your site

Viztrade Connect – automating your direct advertising sales

By providing an easy and direct self-serve solution, Viztrade Connect ensures your media spend is not diluted and you control who and when advertises across your sites.

Benefits to publishers

Full Control

Publishers have full visibility on demand flow and are in complete control of which advertising demand they accept or decline

Frictionless transactions

With no intermediaries and a direct connection with your ad server, you receive all media spend transacted through Viztrade Connect.

Dedicated Landing Pages

A branded page added to your website to make purchasing advertising across your sites as simple and easy as possible

Reduce time and increase revenue

Introduce Viztrade Connect and watch your advertising grow

Take control of your advertising

Reduce time and increase revenue with Viztrade Connect.