Q: How can I create banner ads for my campaigns?
A: Making banner ads is now very simple through tools like Canva . Alternatively contact us and we can make them for you.

Q: What banner sizes does Viztrade accept?
A: A full list of banner sizes can be found in our ad sizes section .

Q: What is an advertiser?
A: An advertiser is a business or brand who wants to run a campaign using Viztrade.

Q: Which site will my ads appear on?
A: You select the sites where you want your advertising to appear.

Q: What is programmatic advertising?
A: Programmatic advertising refers to any advertising that is delivered through automation.

Q: What is an advertising impression?
A: Advertising impressions are how digital ads are delivered. One view = One impression.

Q: What is CPM?
A: CPM is the currency digital advertising is traded. It stands for Cost per Millennium. A cost of $15CPM means you pay $15 for every 1000 views of your ad.

Q: How does Viztrade work?
A: Viztrade provides advertisers with access to a network of premium websites. Viztrade works like a stock market and allows advertisers to trade with these websites in a live, fully transparent marketplace.

Q: How long until my ads will appear?
A: As an approved advertiser, your ads will appear at the time and date set in the campaign.

Q: How am I billed?
A: Each account is linked to a credit card. Viztrade will process any outstanding balance on a monthly basis.