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Fixed CPM rates with full transparency on transactional fees

Reach and engage new local and regional audiences with Viztrade. 

Benefits to your agency

Local and regional ad placements:

Access local and regional audiences via our regional digital advertising marketplace.

Save time:

Spend less time calling and organising your clients advertisements with our simple 4-step process. 

Reach new audiences:

Viztrade allows you to create ads and reach regional audiences that you've never been able to reach before. 

Context is king:

Target by title or by region and place ads in contextually relevant environments.

Connect your customers with focused regional and local audiences

Making it easier for you to reach unique audiences direct.

Better control of your budget

You have complete control over your digital advertising budget. Viztrade offers a fixed CPM and guaranteed delivery across its publisher sites.

What is your transaction fee?

Viztrade charges a standard transaction fee of 12.5% of media spend.

How is the media inventory priced?

Publishers select CPM rates for premium, standard and remnant positions.

How do Viztrade prices compare to RTB programmatic?

Viztrade pricing sits between direct sales and RTB programmatic.

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